SITFY Honors Egypt, Spain, Kosovo, and Libya

SITFY honors theatrical performances from Egypt, Spain, Kosovo, and Libya in different competitions. The best performance (Street Theater Competition and Non-traditional Spaces Competition) goes to “Oghnya Ala Al-Mammar”, produced by the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. The jury’s special award goes to “Egaf +200” from Libya. “Tourath Sinai” is awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. As for the Monodrama Competition, the best performance award goes to (Hamlet’s Dream) “Helm Hamlet” from Kosovo. The jury’s special award goes to “Maria” by Nadine Khaled. Regarding the Ensemble Production Competition, the best scenography award -that bears the name of Egyptian actor Samy Abd El-Halim- goes to “Al Wohosh Al-Zogagya” from Egypt. Mohamed Sobhy Award for the Best Director goes to Youssef Al-Asady for “Al Wohosh Al-Zogagya” from Egypt. The Best Actor Award -that bears the name of Egyptian actor Moustafa Shaaban- goes to Daniel Carelo from Spain. The Best Actress Award -that bears the name of actress Amal El-Dabbas- equally goes to Sherehan Al-Shazly and Reem El-Masry. The jury’s special award goes to “Isis” from Egypt. The closing ceremony has been full of happiness, cheerfulness, and delight. The jury which honors the winners includes: Nedal El-Shafey, Amal El-Dabbas, Mohsen Mansour, Ali Alyan, and Gabar Goudy, in the presence of Mazen El-Gharabawy “SITFY’s Founder” and Dr. Engy El-Bestawy “SITFY’s Managing Director”. The closing ceremony started with the song “Masr Betftah Abwabha”, the official song of the festival’s fifth edition. That song is dedicated from the composer Karim Arafa. Furthermore, Dr. Engy El-Bestawy says: “Thanks to everyone who supported the festival and proved to us and to the whole world that theater really influences people and helps to keep them in touch”. Mazen El-Gharabawy declares: “we faced numerous challenges and risks… we hope everyone goes to his/her homes safely”. El-Gharabawy thanked SITFY’s sponsors and honored them. The Best Professional Person Award goes to: Ibrahim Oraby, Salma Desouky, and Mona Zakaria. SITFY honored two iconic characters who passed away: Hesham Soliman and Hanen Osama. The Authorship Award -that bears the name of late playwright Ahmed Sakhsoukh- goes to: Abdo El-Houssieny (first place) for the best long script, Mohamed Abd El-Rahman (first place) for the best short script, and Ahmed Abo Diab for the best Monodrama script. Essam El-Sayed Award -for the best director- goes to: Mohamed Hesham (first place), Ashraf Ali (second place), and Michael Magdy (third place).

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