SITFY Announces the List of Shortlisted Performances for the Sixth Edition

تاريخ التحديث: ٢ أكتوبر ٢٠٢١

Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival for Youth (SITFY), under the supervision of SITFY’s founder and chairman, Egyptian actor and director Mazen El-Gharabawy, announces the list shortlisted performances at the three main competitions of the festival. SITFY’s managing director, Dr. Ingy El-Bestawy, declares that the list of the Ensemble Production Competition includes: “Malhamat Al Sweis” from Egypt, “the Last Flowers” from Italy, “Don Quixote” from Egypt, “August” from Hungary, “Rob’ Waqt” from Tunisia, “Al Soqot Min Nas Dafe’” from Saudi Arabia, “Hodo’ Tam” from Bahrain, “Al Motagawel” from Egypt, “Tram 23:11” from Poland, America, and England, “Ahdath La Tamot Lel Waqe’ Be Sela” from Egypt, “Saleh Lel Hayah” from Oman, “Pirosmani” from Georgia, “Rasd Khan” from Egypt, “Tarateel Thawrat Nesaa’” from Jordan, “Bouq Israfil” from Iraq, “Marsah Fi Moheet Hestery” from Egypt, “Mogarad Portreh” from Oman, “Refres” from Iraq, “Ghernatah” from Egypt, “Torouf Mn Aam 71” from Tunisia, “La Haqeqa An Bawabt Rashmoun” from Egypt, “Bukowski” from Armenia, and “Saleb Sefr” from Egypt. Additionally, El-Bestawy states that the list of the Monodrama Competition includes: “As Take’b” from Kuwait, “Al Zabal” from Egypt, “Zeyara Zat Masaa’” from Libya, “Apnea” from Spain, “Waraa’ Al Shams” from Tunisia, “Mundo Gris” from Spain, “Don’t Revenge Us” from Romania, “Why Don’t People” from Ukraine, “Al Takhalous Mn Al Boqa’” from Egypt, “Woman Fish” from Mexico, “Vissh” from America, “Al Mansaa’” from Egypt, “Wa Ma Malakt” from Tunisia, “Wojoud” from Bahrain, and “Thawrat Al Awtar” from Algeria. Furthermore, El-Bestawy mentions that the list of the Street Theater and Non-traditional Spaces Theater Competitions includes: “Al-Gar” from Algeria, “Khadama” from Tunisia, “Ah – Karamela” from Egypt, “Medea” from Georgia, “Eterafat Zawjeya” from Egypt, “Sakhab Bela Sawt” from Saudi Arabia, “Mashy Sahel” from Morocco, “the Glue Glue Show” from Egypt, “Khalsa college Amritsar bhangra” from India, “Al Maslakh” from Palestine, “Bela Hodoud” from Iraq, “Dawsha Dawsha” from Egypt, “Al Baga’at” from Tunisia, and “Masera Fel Ghaba” from Egypt. Most notably, Lady of Arab Theater, Samiha Ayoub is SITFY’s honorary president and veteran Egyptian actor, Mohammad Sobhy is the president of SITFY’s higher committee. SITFY is held under the sponsorship of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ines Abdeldayem, and South Sinai Governor, Major-General Khaled Fouda. The Sixth Edition of SITFY is scheduled to take place in November, 2021 in Sharm El-Sheikh.

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