SITFY Announces the List of Candidates for Linen Al-Ramly Award for Theatrical Playwriting

*SITFY Announces the List of Candidates for Linen Al-Ramly Award for Theatrical Playwriting*

Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival for Youth (SITFY), under the supervision of SITFY’s founder and chairman, Egyptian actor and director Mazen El-Gharabawy, announces the list of candidates for Linen Al-Ramly Award for Theatrical Playwriting “the fifth edition”. The Award’s jury includes: Prof. Dr. Moustafa Selim (Egypt), writer Emad Al-Shanfari (Oman), and Dr. Justin John Bailey (South Sudan).

The long theatrical script category includes: writer Mahmoud Yassin (Egypt) for “Aal Hunak”, writer Mohammad Saeed Mohammad (Egypt) for “Al Khayt”, writer Eyad Hany Al-Remouny (Jordan) for “Sail Al-Azarah”, writer Mario Mounir (Egypt) for “Al-Ostoul”, writer Kawthar Mishri (Algeria) for “Khibzat Iskafi”, writer Ismail Ibrahim (Egypt) for “Al-Maktoaa Al-Mosqeya Al-Akhera”, writer Fady Ahmed (Egypt) for “Mozakerat Aam Mahrous”, and writer Hany Moustafa Qadri (Egypt) for “Saqata Sahwan”.

The short theatrical script category includes: writer Ali Al-Ebady (Iraq) for “Tayem”, writer Abdelnaby Abdelsalam (Egypt) for “Lahzt Al-Infijar”, writer Walid Abdel Elahi (Algeria) for “Raghba Jamraa”, writer Noura Hussam Al-Din (Egypt) for “Android”, writer Michel Nabil (Egypt) for “Al-Shebak”, and writer Mohammad Hesham (Egypt) for “Al-Mehna Sareq”.

The mono-drama category includes: writer Ahmed Samir (Egypt) for “Taht Al-Qazf”, writer Abdullah Teira (Egypt) for “Raqsat Wadaa”, writer Alaa El-Din Fayez (Egypt) for “Wadi Al-Nesaa”, writer Mohammad Yahia (Egypt) for “Wa Mn Hawly Al-Zoubab”, and writer Tarek Ragab (Egypt) for “Gorft Al-Azl”.

Wife of late Linen Al-Ramly, writer Fatma Al-Maadoul, expressed her pleasure for highlighting the name of the great writer Linen Al-Ramly through the Theatrical Playwriting competition. Furthermore, Al-Maadoul states: we would like to convey our thanks to SITFY and its founder and chairman, Mazen El-Gharabawy, for such great honor.

Moreover, Al-Maadoul adds: it is a great idea to have a competition for theatrical playwriting; not only presenting theatrical performances. This competition will lead to having a bright future; introducing new ways of thinking. Additionally, festivals will have a cultural depth and play a vital role later on, instead of presenting performances only.

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