20 Awards Presented to All Theatrical Experts and Stars at SITFY

SITFY's Awards for Theatrical Experts and Stars

SITFY -headed by Egyptian professional actor and director Mazen El-Gharabawy- presents 20 awards at its fifth edition for all theatrical experts and stars. Regarding the Main Show Competition, SITFY presents "Samiha Ayoub Award" for the best integrated show. Concerning "Mohamed Sobhi Award", it is presented to the best director. "Hassan Atia Award" is presented to the best playwright and "Moustafa Shaaban Award" is presented to the best actor. "Amal El-Dabbas Award" is presented to the best actress, and "Samy Abd El-Hamid Award" is presented to the best scenography.Most notably, there will be a special award presented by the jury. Additionally, as for the monodramas, two awards are to be presented: firstly, the award of Head of the International Theatre Institute is presented to the best show and secondly, a special award is presented by the jury. Regarding the Street Theatre Competition and the Non-traditional Spaces Competition, the best show award and the jury's special award will both be presented. Concerning the Youth Theater Award in playwriting -AKA "Ahmed Sakhsoukh Award", three awards are to be presented: the best long theatrical script, the best short theatrical script and the best monodrama script. Regarding the first work for youth competition "Director Essam El-Sayed Award", three awards are presented to the best director in three levels (first - second - third). As for the best theatrical character award in 2019, two awards are presented: the first is for the best Arab theatrical character and the second is for the best Egyptian theatrical character.The two previously-mentioned awards are presented via a private survey between a number of Egyptian and Arab theatrical experts to choose the best Egyptian and Arab theatrical characters, through a committee headed by Dr. Abeer Fawzy. Most notably, the committee has chosen the Egyptian theatrical director "Eslam Emam" as the best Egyptian theatrical character and the Lebanese artist "Qassem Estanbouly" as the best Arab theatrical character in 2019. Finally, the best professional person award is presented the best administrative person or any person who has exerted efforts in organizing SITFY's committees. These people are chosen by SITFY's higher committee and executive committees as well. The jury has the right to take part in choosing the best for the previously-mentioned award (to be announced at the closing ceremony).

The fifth edition of SITFY "Late Veteran Actress Sanaa Gamil Edition" is held under the sponsorship of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ines Abdel-Dayem and Southern Sinai Governor, General Khaled Fouda on 16 - 20 November, 2020. Most notably, Egyptian veteran actress, Samiha Ayoub, has been appointed the honorary president of SITFY, and veteran actor, Mohamed Sobhi, head of the higher committee of SITFY.

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