SITFY Launches 3 Workshops at the Sixth Edition

*SITFY Launches 3 Workshops at the Sixth Edition*

Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival for Youth (SITFY), under the supervision of SITFY’s founder and chairman, Egyptian actor and director Mazen El-Gharabawy, launches three theatrical workshops: actors’ preparation workshop, entitled “the Heavenly Body” by Dr. Farid Al-Nouqrashy, playwriting workshop, entitled “the Arts of Comedy Industry in Playwriting” by writer Nader Salah El-Din, and the musical theater workshop by the Greek artist Pavols Kavors.

Furthermore, Dr. Farid Al-Nouqrashy asserts that the heavenly body workshop aims at highlighting the actors’ body language art. Those actors present unrealistic theatrical performances that focus on expression and symbolism. A body is not only a working machine, but also an essential pillar of creativity.

Moreover, writer Nader Salah El-Din declares that the playwriting workshop encourages trainees to write comic scenarios. Additionally, the comedy playwriting is to be fully explained during the workshop, being one of the most difficult types of playwriting. Some Egyptian works will be presented during the workshop as a practical application.

Most notably, Lady of Arab Theater, Samiha Ayoub is SITFY’s honorary president and veteran Egyptian actor, Mohammad Sobhy is the president of SITFY’s higher committee. SITFY is held under the sponsorship of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ines Abdeldayem and South Sinai Governor, Major-General Khaled Fouda. The sixth edition of SITFY is scheduled to take place this November in Sharm El-Sheikh.

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