SITFY Invents New Prospects: World Theater Day - the Young Generation

Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival for Youth (SITFY) Invents New Prospects:

World Theater Day - the Young Generation

Theater will not die

Theater is a place where artists can present their talents to the audience.. A long time ago, the first human narrated his great hunting trip to his family.. The first human embodied his trip and his children and wife were impressed... Ever since then, theater was established..

Theater was established when humans discovered the creative language of expression.. Even before discovering the real spoken languages.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the theater continued to shine in spite of launching cinema, radio, television, and internet... The reason behind that is that theater is the living language between the artists and the audience. Additionally, theatrical language can always be renewed and developed in order to surprise everyone.

A virus -that is not invisible to the eye- forced everyone to stay at home. Humans returned to their small worlds among their families. Everyone started to narrate his tales and adventures to his family in order to impress them; thus, homes become small theaters.. Perhaps when another virus affects the whole world, or a great war takes place, the whole world will come to an end and all its mechanisms will be destroyed.. However, artists will always be able to present their creative talents to everyone.. Theater will last forever... Theater will always be able to affect the audience..... Theater will never reach an end

Mahmoud Gamal Hedeni

مشاهدتان (٢)٠ تعليق