SITFY Appoints the Jury Members of Essam El-Sayed Award " Fath Allah - El-Shafei - Abd El-moniem"

SITFY Appoints the Jury Members of Essam El-Sayed Award "Rania Fath Allah - Mohamed El-Shafei - Rasha Abd El-Moniem"

Sharm El-Sheikh International Theater Festival for Youth (SITFY), under the supervision of professional Egyptian actor and director Mazen El-Gharabawy, has appointed the jury members of Essam El-Sayed Award: Egyptian actress Dr. Rania Fath Allah, playwright Rasha Abd El-Moniem, and director Dr. Mohamed El-Shafei.

The jury members have started their work upon opening the submission for this competition at its second edition. The competition aims at encouraging theatrical youth and amateur directors in the Arab Republic of Egypt "North and South - East and West". Egyptian theater directors are welcome to join the competition, provided that the performances they present do not exceed their third experiences -if they were amateurs- and their first experiences -if they were professionals. Competitors' age should not exceed (35) years old in April 2020 and they should be Egyptians. Moreover, performances should have creative and distinguished directing features and should not be plagiarized. Additionally, performances should be integrated in terms of acting, directing, decoration and music. Performances related to the issues of societies and communities are preferable. All performances -either independent or governmental production- are accepted. The rest of terms are available on SITFY's official website and Facebook page.

SITFY's fifth edition is to take place on (1 to 7 April, 2020) at Sharm El-Sheikh "the land of peace". Most notably, the Egyptian veteran actress, Samiha Ayoub, has been appointed the honorary president of SITFY, the veteran actor, Mohamed Sobhi, head of the higher committee of SITFY, and Egyptian actor Tarek Sabri, the executive director. SITFY is managed by Dr. Ingy El-Bestawy, under the sponsorship of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ines Abdel-Dayem, Southern Sinai Governor, General Khaled Fouda, Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Tourism, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board, engineer Ahmed Youssef .

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