SITFY Announces the Title of its 5th Edition "Sanaa Gamil Edition"

During a highly important symposium, Mohamed Sobhi revealed secrets of his role with Sanaa Gamil in (the Old Lady's Visit) play. SITFY, under the supervision of Egyptian professional actor and director -Mazen El-Gharabawy-, announces the title of its 5th edition "Sanaa Gamil Edition". The fifth edition is to take place on April 1 until April 7, 2020, at Sharm El-Sheikh "the land of peace". Mazen El-Gharabawy -SITFY's president- declares: SITFY's Higher Committee has carefully chosen veteran actress Sanaa Gamil for her invaluable efforts in the field of theater. Gamil has presented multiple successful theatrical works. Thus, she well deserves to be honoured, so that the new generations in Egypt and the Arab world would know the value of such veteran actress. Moreover, SITFY's Committee is to hold a symposium for Sanaa Gamil, in the presence of theatrical experts, such as: veteran actress Samiha Ayoub -Gamil's companion in her artistic journey. Veteran actor Mohamed Sobhi -President of SITFY's Higher Committee- is to reveal artistic secrets of Gamil and review the details of his experience with her in "Ziarat Al-Sayidah Al-Agouz" (the Old Lady’s Visit) play. Dr. Ingy Al-Bastawi, Managing Director of SITFY, declares that Gamil is to be honoured as an international figure who has presented highly significant international works: a play by Strandberg, entitled (Dance of Death) in French, with veteran actor Gamil Ratib and French actor Claudman. (Dance of Death) was presented in Paris and several French cities in 1977, and was highly appreciated among the audience. Furthermore, Maurice Esconet -head of Comedy Frances Theater- invited Gamil to attend several performances, after watching her movie (A Beginning and an End), in order to benefit from their experiences and learn new concepts. Therefore, the event of honouring Gamil is to be fabulous, in addition to having many surprises. Actress Sanaa Gamil's real name is Thoraya Youssef Attallah. She was born in Mallawi, Minya Governorate on April 27, 1930. Gamil is from a Coptic Egyptian family in Upper Egypt. She started her career in the filed of theater through the assistance of actor Zaki Tulaimat, who advised her to join the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts. The movie "Bedaya Wa Nehaya" (A Beginning and an End), in which Gamil played the role of "Nafissa", brought her great fame. The previously-mentioned movie is based on a story by Nagiub Mahfouz and is directed by Salah Abu Seif. Abu Seif also directed "Al-Zouga Al-Thanya" (the Second Wife), in which Gamil played the role of "Hafiza". Gamil embodied the character of "Somaia", the first martyr in Islam, in "Al-Resalah" movie, which is directed by Moustafa Al-Akkad. Gamil has worked once with director Youssef Shahin in "Fajr Youm Gadid" (the Dawn of a New Day) movie. Sanaa Gamil is a "professional actress" as people used to call her. She is one of a kind as people who worked with her said. Dr. Louis Awad described her as a queen and Shukri Ghali described her as the empress of theater. Moreover, Dr. Taha Hussein declared that Gamil has an outstanding and genius performance and great theatrical value. Gamil's theatrical works include: "Kabareh - 1974", "Kart Blanche - 1970", "Zawjat Wa Azwaj - 1969", "Zahrat Al-Sabbar - 1967", "Sahibat Al-Jalalah - 1955", "Tyour Al-Houb", "Al-Nas Ally Fouq", "Shams Al-Nahar", "the Old Lady’s Visit" and other theatrical works carved in the hearts of Egyptian and Arab audience. SITFY's fifth edition is to take place on (1 to 7 April, 2020) at Sharm El-Sheikh "the land of peace". Most notably, the Egyptian veteran actress, Samiha Ayoub, has been appointed the honorary president of SITFY, the veteran actor, Mohamed Sobhi, head of the higher committee of SITFY, and Egyptian actor Tarek Sabri, the executive director. SITFY is managed by Dr. Ingy El-Bestawy, under the sponsorship of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ines Abdel-Dayem, Southern Sinai Governor, General Khaled Fouda, Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Tourism, Dr. Khaled El-Enany, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board, engineer Ahmed Youssef and ITI UNESCO, chaired by his excellency engineer Mohamed Saif Al-Afkham

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